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In August of 2002 I was in Connecticut for work.  Once that was done I had enough time to slip away and take a boat tour around Manhatten Island in New York.  I wish I had been able to spend more time looking around.  It was a very overcast day as you can see. Decent New York history site.

I got several pictures of the statue.  Old as it is my digital camera at least has a pretty good zoom on it.
At this time, I believe the island had just been opened to tourists.  However no one was allowed in the statue.
Financial District on Manhatten Island
Here is the UN building.  Once you get up close its fairly obvious that its a pretty old.  Don't know what I was expecting.  I guess my naivete had me expecting more.  However its just an old building.
Second shot of the UN building.
Here is the General Assembly building.
This pier is where Titanic would have moored had she not gone down.
This is an old pier right off Wall Street that has been converted into air conditioned tennis courts.
Chrysler building.  There was a rivalry between this and the Bank of Manhatten building as to which would be the tallest building in the world.  As the construction of the two buildings neared completion it appeared that the Bank Of Manhatten building won.  However the top spire of the Chrysler building had been constructed in secret inside the building.  Once the spire was finished, it was then raised up through an opening in the roof resulting in the Chrysler building being the tallest building in the world until the Empire State building surpassed its height a year later.
History of the Chrysler building
Empire State building.  Here is the ESB site
Here is an old pier thats been turned into a driving range.