1975 914
1979 MGB
New York
Exploring Texas

While doing some family research my brother and I have found some interesting sites scattered around rural Texas.  Unfortunately most of the pictures I took have been lost.

Many times we ended up quite a way off the road.  I left the GTI at home for these trips and took the trusty 'Mommy Wagon'.  Suprisingly we never got stuck.  From rutted muddy back roads to over grown utility right of ways the car did very well.
Down a back road we discovered the only known remaining maker showing the boundary between the Unitesd States and the Republic of Texas
One side shows RT or "Republic of Texas"
This side marked US
Ruins of a house in what is left of Belle Plain Texas  Turn your sound down before clicking on the link.  It is a great site with lots of information however it has very loud banjo music that repeats over and over and over again.....................
Another angle of the house in Belle Plain
Remains of Belle Plain College.  One of the first in Texas. circa 1880
Here is a shot of the interior.
We also found an abandoned bridge. Not exactly historic, for what ever reason the new bridge was built a few hundred feet away and this one simply closed off.
This was replaced with a much larger, 4 lane bridge.
I didn't want to drive out on the bridge so we left the car at the edge.  You can see the big dirt burm we had to traverse to get to the bridge.