1975 914
1979 MGB
New York
Exploring Texas

This boat is pretty much like an RV on water.  It has 3 sleeping areas, a small kitchen, and a bathroom.  It is powered by a Mercruiser 260, which is actually a Chevrolet 350 V8 with 260 HP.  It holds 30 gallons of fresh water and 100 gallons of fuel.

We really lucked out to happen across a boat that has been taken such good care of.  Everything is in excellent shape. The fact that it has been waxed regularly and kept in a covered slip has prevented the dry rot and oxidation that plagues most older boats.  The canvas top has a few worn spots but otherwise looks great.  There are several different configurations possible.  There are two bimini tops.  One covers the helm and the other covers the rear of the boat.  There are plastic windows that zipper and snap in for the front and sides.  for the rear of the boat there are screened sides that zipper and snap in which also have removable plastic curtains.  You can fully enclose the deck.  This allows you to go boating in pretty much any weather.

Here you can see the boat with the rear bimini and side curtains removed.  This is one of the pictures we took before purchasing the boat.  There is a bench seat just on the other side of the rail at the back of the boat.  Facing that are two fold down seats.  The table from inside can be brought up and  set up back here so you can eat up top.  The rectangular window below the seats is the window for the mid berth.  The swim platform has a ladder that you can flip down into the water to make getting in and out of the boat easier from the water.

Here is a shot of the helm.  Pretty standard stuff here.  Trim tabs, out drive trim, remote control spot light controls, depth finder, marine radio, compass.  To the left you can see a little of the hatchway down into the cabin. 

Here is a shot looking down into the cabin from the top of the steps.  To the left you can see the fancy 1970's GM Delco stereo complete with cassette deck.  Straight ahead you see the dinette that converts into a sleeping area.  Beyond that you can see into what they refer to as the "Main Stateroom" pretty grandiose title for a 26' boat if you ask me.

Here is a view from inside the cabin.  You can see up the steps back out onto the deck of the boat.  You can also see the "mid berth" to your left.  It's actually more comfortable and spacious than it looks.  It extends the width of the boat going under the steps.  There is a light, fan, storage, and window down there to keep it from feeling like a cave.

Here is the small kitchen area.  There is a sink, stove, and small refrigerator.  There were ugly fake flowers here and up front.  They have since been thrown out.

Here is a shot of the forward cabin.  There is storage under all of the cushions.  The hatch in the ceiling opens up to provide access to the fore deck.  The classy gold streak mirror opens up into the anchor locker.  The door beneath that is additional storage.  For some reason there is a small panel that opens up that serves as a pass through from the kitchen area.  To the left of the cabin door is another gold streak mirror that can slide open for another pass through.

Here are a few pictures of us with both boats tied up out on the lake.

The 185 is a great boat for novices like us.  It is small and maneuverable.  Power is provided by a Mercruiser 3.0 motor.  It is a Ford 4 cylinder with 130 HP.  The fuel tank holds 30 gallons and provides plenty of gas for a full day of continuous use.

Here are some shots of my brother doing donuts in the Bayliner.  You can see how a few months in the lake has really fouled the hull.  The Sea Ray's hull is painted below the water line with special paint to prevent this.  You don't typically paint the hull on a boat the size so we will be looking to get a lift for the boat this year to keep it out of the water while in the slip so the hull will stay clean. 

You can see some of the white scuffs on the side of the Bayliner.  I'm afraid i must take credit for most of them.  We learned how NOT to dock a few times in rough conditions.

Here is the Bayliner being loaded back on the trailer after its $400.00 acid wash to remove all the lake grime.  It goes with out saying that we keep it out of the water now when not in use.  Saves on the slip rental too..