1975 914
1979 MGB
New York
Exploring Texas

Shortly after the purchase of my Jeep in 2008 my brother and I decided pretty much on a whim to take a road trip to Seattle.  We left very late in December.  Spent New Years in Seattle and then returned home.  We took a somewhat unconventional route due to our lack of planning.  The upside of that was being able to see many states that I had never been through before. 

Unfortunately we were in a hurry to make miles so we did not spend much time on pictures. It was a hell of a trip. We encountered temps in the single digits, rain, sleet, snow, ice, fog, 50-60 MPH winds in Wyoming, and just enough heat in AZ that we had to use the AC on the way back. I think the only way I would want to make that drive again is if I'm pulling a trailer and moving to Seattle. It was quite a bit of fun though and a great experience. I might be convinced to do it again if I had twice as much time to do it in. 

First real mountains we came across.  This was in Colorado
I think this was in Oregon
There were lots of areas with ice on the road.  Fortunately the majority of the time we skated right over it with out sliding.  We also used other vehicles as a gauge.  If they made it through OK we figured we were probably OK too.  When it got real bad we slowed way down and ran in 4 wheel drive mode.
This was just outside of Le Grande Oregon. 
This was at rest stop.  I think we had just crossed into Washington.
We spent quite a bit of time in the mountains, at night, in fog, and ice.  It was not much fun.
Rest stop in AZ with several thousand miles of filth on the jeep.
New Mexico