1975 914
1979 MGB
New York
Exploring Texas

I've had the 914 since 2000.  New pics can be seen by clicking on the 914 button on the left.

1975 914 2.0. Interior and paint are about 9 years old. Engine and transmission are original. Fuel Injected with approximately 150,000 miles. Averages 25-27 MPG. Comfortable/smooth up to 90-95 MPH. Top speed 113.
The seats are more comfortable than they look. I purchased the car off Ebay and drove it back to Texas from California.  Spending 2 days in the car was not difficult at all,
Much more leg room on the passenger side.  The console, while functional cuts down
on foot space for the driver.  Cars with A/C have even less leg room.  I think it might
be worth it though.  It gets pretty hot in Texas and its not always practical to have
the roof off.
The car has a steel roll bar concealed in the raised portion behind the seats.
Even with the roof in the rear trunk there is still some storage space under it. 
Most of the storage is up front though.  Duffel bags or backpacks only.  No room for suitcases.
This is one of the first pictures of the 914 about a week after I got it home and
washed it.
The car came with a dash cover.  The dash is perfect with no cracks, and the car is
always garaged so I removed it.  I added the center console a few months later.
Here is one of the pictures from the Ebay ad.

1995 Jeep Cherokee.  I purchased this car in August 2008.

I had wanted a Jeep for quite a while.  I've known several people over the years with Cherokees and always really liked them.  I found a local company that specializes in Jeeps. JustJeepsofTexas I started watching their site and eventually saw a deal I couldn't pass up.  They had it for a while and kept marking it down so finally I traded the BMW in and bought it out right.  It is a former Forestry Service Jeep from Washington so it has a nice mix of options, and deletes.  The gas mileage isn't great, but then this is not a daily driver.  It's a fun second vehicle.  Shortly after buying it I took it on a 5000+ mile road trip to Seattle and back.  Wind, Rain, Snow, Fog we saw it all on that trip. 
I installed this cool desk before the Seattle trip.  If you take long road trips and use a laptop I highly recomend you install one.  It is fully adjustable and makes for a much more comfortable trip. JottoDesk When the trip is over it removes very easily.  Takes just a minute or two to set up or take down, no tools required.
I've already taken it to the beach a few times.  It does great in the sand.

1993 Ford Mustang Lx.  I purchased this car in December 2006.

One day when I was surfing some online car lots I found this little mustang.  I was amazed by how clean it was.  Typically if you see them now they are junk barely able to move down the road.  I had a feeling I would not be in the BMW long term so I picked it up for almost nothing.  It's a 4 cyl with a 5 speed.  I had owned a Mustang several years ago and thought it would be fun to have one again.  It is pretty slow probably one of the slowest cars I have owned.  I miss the power and smoothness of the BMW but it costs half as much to fill the tank.  I've put a little into it for repairs but for very little money I've got a decent ride.  I actually get more compliments on my little slow Mustang than I did on the BMW.  Maybe its a Fort Worth thing...... :) 
Here is a picture from the online ad.

1993 BMW 525i.  I purchased this car in December of 2004, and sold it in August 2008.

I had never really thought of owning a BMW until an opportunity presented itself to me back in 04.  I knew someone who had one for sale so I researched the model and really liked what I saw.  I purchased the car from him and have really enjoyed it.  However all good things must come to an end.  With over 180,000 miles on the clock it was costing more to keep it on the road than it was worth.  They are great solid cars, but after a certain point unless you're in the position of doing the work yourself you'll spend thousands of dollars a year to keep them going.
I have always liked the looks of the early 90's 525.

2000 Volkswagen GTI VR6 GLX.  I got this car in 2000 and sold it shortly before the lease was up in 2003.

Its funny how I ended up with this car.  I was trying to decide between a 2000 ZX2 or a Saturn SC2  limited edition.  I was driving around one day and decided to stop in and test drive a beetle.  As I pulled into the dealership I saw a Red 2000 GTI sitting there.  I drove it instead.  Sitting in the passenger seat (since dealers rarely let you drive the car off the lot) I made the decision that this was the car I wanted.  It was so much car for the money.  By the time I was ready to buy however the one I drove was gone and there were none to be found.  I eventually found one in Charleston South Carolina.  A good friend of mine was also in the market for a new car so after driving a Passat he decided that was the car for him.  Well the exact model he wanted was has hard to find at that point in time (6/2000) as my car was.  When I found my car I shocked the sales guy by asking for a fully loaded AWD Passat in addition to my GTI.  He was able to locate one so we drove out and brought the cars back to Texas.

Rare snow in Texas this was December 2000.
This was 12/31/01 outside of Minneapolis Minnesota.  Traction control, ABS, heated seats/mirrors/washer nozzles all contribute to this cars awesome winter driveability.
1:30 in the morning in November of 2002 I hit a deer.  $7500.00 in damage
and over 60 days to get it fixed because it was so close to the holidays.
It was worth the wait as the repair was excellent.
Unfortunately the valet's at my building were careless one night a few months later.  Foolishly I allowed them to choose the body shop.  I was never happy with the repairs even after sending it back three times.  With the lease almost up I decided to sell the car.

1995 Ford Escort LX Station Wagon.  My family's 'community' car. Purchased new in 1995.

Once I sold the GTI I decided to hold off for a while on getting a new car.  I was worried about another 'accident' with the valets in my building.  Plus I was driving 600-700 miles a week commuting back and forth to work.  Rather than be paranoid about dents, and mileage I decided to take over the family 'spare' car.  My mother bought the car new in 1995 and drove it until she replaced it in 2000.  Since the car was in near perfect condition and the trade in offer was so low we decided to keep it.  I used the car as my daily driver until it dropped a valve at 168,000.

1993 Volkswagen Fox Wolfsburg Edition.  I purchased this car around 11/2002 and sold it 12/2004.

For some odd reason I had always liked the VW Fox.  You don't see them very often anymore and if you do they are usually falling apart.  I had a chance to pick this one up for almost nothing.  It is in pretty good shape with only 80,000 miles.  I've actually had the car for over a year and am just now (4/2004) getting around to doing anything with it.  I had intended on using this car as a daily driver since it was nicer looking and more fun to drive than the station wagon.  I had some work done and drove it for a while but just couldn't see myself in it long term.  I sold it shortly after buying the BMW in 12/2004.
Nothing special here.  The dorky shift knob came with the car.  Always fun grabbing that thing after its been sitting in the sun all day.
Body is in great shape.  Few small door dings here and there.  Nothing serious. 

1999 Ford ZX2.  I bought this car used in 1999 with 11k miles on it.  I was disappointed with the the sloppy automatic transmission, the vibration at idle, and and outrageously bad customer service at the dealership. After about 6 months I was ready for another car.  It was a toss up between a new ZX2 with a 5 speed, and a Saturn SC2 Limited Edition.  I drove a GTI on a whim and ended up buying one of those instead. 

My brother drove it and liked it enough to take it off my hands.  It still had the remainder of its 3/36 bumper to bumper warranty and an extended warranty I'd purchased.  So we figured if the transmission did decide to go out it would be fixed for free.  Even though it got a little sloppier the transmission never failed.  My brother drove the car until he bought a truck in 2005.  At that time the ZX2 had about 180,000 miles on it.  We held on to it for a while but eventually sold it in 12/2006.
Interior is relatively comfortable.  It is fully loaded except for sunroof.
Mileage is about 25 mpg.  Not that great if you ask me.  The roof rack (which is only on
when needed) knocks about 4-5 off of that.

1982 Volvo 240 DL.  Got it used around 1997 and had it until 2001.

I have mixed feelings about this one.  I actually enjoyed the car and miss
it some what.  However,  I paid 2000 for the car and by the time I stopped
driving it 2 years later I had put over 4000 into it. The drivetrain was rock
solid.  All those miles and it still ran great.  It was everything else that
was falling apart and wearing out.
Car had 243,000 miles when I sold it.  Volvo will give you these nice
100,000 mile badges for free.

1982 Datsun 200 SX.  I bought this car as a backup for the Mustang around 95 or 96

I really hated to see this car go.  It was your typical  'cash' car.  I bought it out
of someones driveway for 300.00.  I put in a 300.00 clutch and got about 40,000
miles out of it.  The car had SERIOUS rust when I bought it.  Eventually the rear
suspension ripped loose from the car.  It had about 175,000 miles on it when this
happened.  Still ran and drove great.  It was light weight and pretty fast.  It even
talked, which I thought was pretty cool.   

1989 Ford Mustang LX.  I got this one around 93 or 94

Sorry for the low quality picture.  This is a blurry photo that was scanned.  This
was an OK car.  Everyone loved it and I got many compliments.  I dunno why, I guess most people didn't know it was only a 4 cyl.  The car was fully loaded which was pretty nice.  The transmission eventually died.  I got almost a whole year after overdrive
went out before the transmission finally went out all together at about 113,000 miles.
I sold the car for 300.00.

1987 Dodge Aries K.  No pics of this one.  Had the car a total of 3-4 months.  The cam seal went out and at the time there was no way I could afford to get it fixed.  I called the company I bought the car from (and was making payments to) and they came and took it back, let me out of my contract and didn't take any action against me.  Pretty nice of them.  You can see the oil stain it left on the pavement in the Mustang picture.

1988 Pontiac LeMans.  Don't think I have a picture of this one.  It didn't last long.  It was nicer looking inside and out than the 200 so the 200 was parked.  The crank bearings eventually went out in it and it was sold on a consignment lot.

1980 Datsun 200 SX.  This one came around in 92-93 and was free.

Not sure what did this car in.  I think the starter
failed.  Never bothered to diagnose it.  By the time
this one died I had the Mustang.  I gave it to
a good friend who had an 81 200 sx to use as parts.
I think it had about 120,000 miles.

1981 Dodge Aries K.  First car I actually owned.  Got it the day I turned 18, in 1991.  Had 113,000 miles on it when I bought it.  I drove it for about 2 years until the transmission lost all forward gears.  I think it had about 140-150k miles on it when I sold it to a salvage yard. I think I got 150.00 for it.  No pictures of this one either.